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* How Tena got her start
* Light bulb moments
* The road to creating an agency-style office
* Taking online courses (aka course-junkie)
* What comes easy/what’s hard in business
* How to handle making mistakes in business
* What’s next for TenaQUOTES BY TAYLOR
So much great stuff from Tena! Go listen!

“In 2009, no joke, I’m sitting in the car with my hubby. And I thought ‘I don’t want to sit in a cubicle anymore.’ He actually said to me “you are way too talented to be sitting in a cubicle” and it just like a huge light bulb went off. I always wanted to do the entrepreneurial thing. And I just never really knew what it looked like.” Tena Pettis

“When I started thinking of Tena.cious and that light bulb went off. I thought, ‘you know what? I don’t want to be like every other design firm or web firm or when they combine and do design and web. I thought what is like that third thing I can do. And again, light bulb, it was like, I can manage Facebook Business Pages for people.” Tena Pettis

“One of the things that really changed me was in January in 2013 is when I first did my first coaching program. And it was a group coaching program that I did with Erika Lyremark. And she, back then, had a business called The Morning Whip or the Daily Whip actually, and one of her courses was called The Morning Whip. She was an ex-stripper, she’s doing amazing things still to this day. But she’s kind of like similar in what she teaches to like the Marie Forleo B-School, but very different and much more hands on. You got to talk to Erika all of the time. So, I started working with her. And I remember at the time, in December of 2012, we had about $10,000 in sales a month. So, you know I had staff. I had overhead. I had all of these different things. And $10,000 is really not a lot. I hired and did that group coaching program and by February, actually, we had more than doubled our sales. So, that February was $22,000 in sales for that month. I was a true believer of the coaching program, let me tell you. And it just changed my whole mindset.” Tena Pettis

“One thing that does come easy to me is ideas. I’m never out of new ideas…what’s been hard is knowing when to take that next step. Knowing when to hire that person. Or when to take that next step. Risk.” Tena Pettis

“I love to talk to people who have been there and done that.” Tena Pettis

“I think Masterminds are best when people aren’t working together.” Tena Pettis

“I want to keep making the stuff we have, that much better.” Tena Pettis

“I think most people and women especially are taking on too much at a time. And we want to do every social media platform and have our blog look perfect and our video look perfect and do Periscope and Blab and Meerkat. And blah blah blah blah blah. And the thing is, no one is benefiting from that. So, I say narrow things down. Declutter as much as you possibly can.” Tena Pettis

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