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* Overcoming Obstacles
* Key Priorities in Life/Business
* Shiny Object Syndrome (aka “Squirrel”)
* Looking Back
* Easiest and Hardest Parts
* Managing Fear
“Whenever we start out on any new endeavor that fear of “Will people even take me seriously? Will they think I’m professional enough? Will they think I know what I’m talking about?” Taylor Bradford

“Take a step back and see, you know, does this really fit in? And like, yeah, shiny objects might look really cool but does it serve your main purpose?” Taylor Bradford

“It’s amazing how when we go down these journeys that that kind of thing can happen…you have to have a reality check even with yourself to say you know what is too much and how can you serve your clients the best and in what manner.” Taylor Bradford

“I think that with anything I think we should look at fear as something that’s not necessarily scary because I think if we allow it to creep in and overtake us then it can bring in so much negativity to our business because we start doubting ourselves and our capabilities.” Taylor Bradford

“I realized so many women were struggling with the overwhelming fear of weight gain and kind of being stuck in a diet trap I call it, because I had struggled with that for a few years prior to realizing, “oh this is what I want to do.” Helping other women get out of that diet trap and mindset so they can just feel at peace with food and their bodies and learn to listen to their bodies again.” Abby Hutcheson

“I kind of had this fear that I wouldn’t be able to manage it. I thought okay, ‘Where do I even start and if I don’t know where to start? How can I make this vision come to life of being a health coach?'” Abby Hutcheson

“I’ve really had to learn that just because something sounds good in the moment, you do have to take time to pause and think about the pros and cons of it…and I also ask myself how the opportunity will make me feel. When I’m working on it, if I’m following the expectations the opportunity has given me, will that make me feel energized? Will it fit with my business? Will it help my audience? If it doesn’t I have to say no.” Abby Hutcheson

“If you know what the key priorities in your life and in your business are then it’s so much easier to say does this opportunity, no matter how good it is, no matter how much money it will bring me or whatever, does it really fit with what I value and what my top goal and priorities in my business are?” Abby Hutcheson

“The easiest part for me is connecting with other women who are looking for support that I can give them. You know guiding them and creating content whether it’s blog posts or emails or whatever. I find that to come pretty naturally to me and the time management side comes pretty naturally to me as well.” Abby Hutcheson

“I like doing things that make me a little bit nervous because the results are always beyond expectations, almost always…I realized that what’s the best that could happen way, way, way outweighs what’s the worst…asking if this will benefit the women I work with.” Abby Hutcheson

“Remember as a boss girl that you are a boss girl because you want to be more in control of your lifestyle, how you feel, your schedule, your income all of that. So with that being said make sure that you are really clear about what it is you want; how you do want to feel, how you want your days and your weeks to look like. Once you know that you can design your business and schedules around that.” Abby Hutcheson

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