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* Welcome to the fourth episode of the Boss Girl Creative Podcast!! In today’s episode, I’m interviewing Indie Author and fellow Texan, Adrian R. Hale!

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* National Novel Writing Month
* Making Sacrifices
* Fake it till you Make It
* Find Facebook Groups that you can join…find people that you can trust
* Opportunities
* Keeping Creative Juices Flowing
* Intentional Homework
* Practice Your Craft
* Writing Things Down and Dreams
* “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.” Jimmy Dugan from A League of Their Own

“I do have to look at all of the opportunities that are coming my way and if I can’t legitimately say that this is a ‘hell yes’ kind of opportunity, I have to say no.” Taylor Bradford

“You have to have information and inspiration in order to get to the new creation, without the information, it’s hard to create.” Taylor Bradford

“Intentional homework, give yourself homework and read.” Taylor Bradford

“To just note when you are trying to get your creative juices flowing is that you should expect challenges, not everything is going to come naturally to you. Taylor Bradford

“Fill your mind with lots of compelling content, whether or not it is something for whatever it is you’re creating.” Taylor Bradford

“Find like-minded creatives.” Taylor Bradford

“Keep creating, even if it’s crap, just keep doing it because eventually you will break through, and when you break through, embrace it.” Taylor Bradford

“The creative process, it takes time, it takes energy, and it takes intentional effort, it’s not going to come easy.” Taylor Bradford

“In life, go forth with grace and gumption and know if the creative juices aren’t flowing now…do the things that like make you who you are and just love what you do and do those things and I totally think that will help you break through and help those creative juices flowing.” Taylor Bradford

“…how am I going to balance anything at all? How am I going to balance this juggling act?” Adrian R. Hale

“I had to learn to say no a lot more, when you know you have a deadline you have given yourself for a book or you know you have an early morning wedding, you kind of need to say no to some of those social aspects of life.” Adrian R. Hale

“You have to look at things and be like is this something that’s going to get me further along in my career? Is this going to help me in some way or what?” Adrian R. Hale

“My dreams have just really grown and changed over the years and to be able to do both (hair/makeup and author) at the same time has been pretty phenomenal this year.” Adrian R. Hale

“Publishing is a huge business that I had no idea about. I finished a book and was I was like ‘Hey! I finished a book, what do I do now?’ and people were like ‘oh calm down, young one, like here’s a whole list of things for you to learn about now’.” Adrian R. Hale

“You have to fake it till you make it, don’t let them see you sweat, and then finding the people that you trust to get you through it.” Adrian R. Hale

“I’m either writing fast and furious or not at all.” Adrian R. Hale

“I try and find something that interests me. Because I’m not going to be able to write about French Cooking because I’m not really interested in French Cooking. But if you talk to me about MMA or if you talk to me about the hair and makeup business or like anything car related. I have a very defined interest in all of those. That is something that I can write about for several months straight.” Adrian R. Hale

“A lot of authors…we do sprints where we’ll come up with a topic that could be related to what your writing or absolutely not…and then you would just write about that for however many minutes, as much as you can, anything that is like brain dumping just to get your brain going on a certain topic.” Adrian R. Hale

“Anything to help develop yourself as a writer, finding out information about what processes for other people…anything that is going to get your creative juices flowing.” Adrian R. Hale

“You can take something away from everything.” Adrian R. Hale

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo) – November 1-30

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