Here’s your chance to sit down for an online session where you can pick my brain about anything sitting in that head/heart of yours. Need help growing your community? Need ideas on opt-in offers? Need affiliate marketing strategy?

I’m here to help you find a strategy that a) works and b) works for you and your schedule. Boss Girl, you deserve to make your dreams come true.Popular topics can include growing your email list, creating an editorial calendar, devising a social media strategy and more. Our session will last for 90 minutes and is meant to help you find the clarity you need to take your biz to the next level. Can’t wait to help you boost your Boss Girl endeavors.



The BGC Intensive is for creatives who need to get down to the nitty-gritty of their business. Who need more than just a boost. Maybe your current strategy isn’t quite working. Maybe you need help with growing your email list. Maybe you need some brainstorm sessions on how to up-level your existing biz. I’m here to help you find a strategy that a) works and b) works for you and your schedule. Boss Girl, you deserve to make your dreams come true.

These sessions are one-hour in length each week, spaced over 6 consecutive weeks and are perfect for creatives who need encouragement, inspiration, strategy and insights around your existing biz. The sky is the limit with these sessions. Popular topics include creating an opt-in offer, devising a newsletter strategy, growing a community, transforming your revenue streams, managing your time and more.

Having accountability through the BGC Intensive program can shine light in the dark spots of your biz so that you can reach the next level. Are you ready Boss Girl?



The BGC Website Review & Action Plan is for Boss Girls needing help on figuring out what key areas to focus on regarding their blog or website and bringing those areas into focus in a cohesive manner.

I will record about a 25 minute live website review and provide an action plan that will give you key insights into how to take your blog or website to the next level. Perfect for Boss Girls who want another set of eyes on their website to see what they might be missing, what they could improve upon and what they are excelling at and how to keep moving forward. If you feel like your website is lacking or you feel like your website needs some updating, let me help you make sense of it all! Skip the overwhelm and schedule a BGC Website Review!



Have a question or two that you’d like me to answer for you? Needing a quick Q&A session to help you get over a hurdle?
The BGC Pick My Brain option is for those that are moving right along but get stuck on something and need another set of eyes or ears to help them clear the hurdle. This session is 25 minutes long and is designed to get you quick answers to those questions that you can’t quite seem to figure out on your own.




Quita Headshot

Quita // Audacious Biz

“Our one on one strategic sessions were more than I anticipated. They were targeted, purposeful, encouraging, and insightful. We did not waste time. In fact, the time I spent with you proved that we should never go into any situation with preconceived ideas or allow past experiences to determine future outcomes. You opened my eyes to possibilities that I probably would not have considered or investigated on my own. Yes, you were not afraid to share trade secrets. But what stands out to me the most is this; you were not, nor did you ever exude any form of competitive spirit or felt intimidated by what I had to offer. You even expressed a passion to see the unique gift I had to offer to the world come to fruition and you did that in a way that made it seem as if that gift were your own. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.”

Alex Disanti headshotAlex // Alex Disanti

“You have helped me a great deal with marketing, especially with regard to social media. I am still learning but thanks to you I am embracing a landscape that was essentially foreign to me except for friendly FB conversations. I am excited about coordinating efforts with you regarding weekly YouTube videos and discussing other marketing/advertising techniques for my series. Thank you so much for your help. I am looking forward to our next meeting.”

Marsha // M Jones Style

“I met Taylor by chance through Texas Women Bloggers. When Taylor got this idea to host a blogger meet and great in the Dallas/FTW area, I jumped at the chance to meet her and great minds that think alike. Taylor was so welcoming and opened herself up to sharing her blog journey with us. I have reached out to Taylor on quite a few screaming techy moments and she was bossgirl to the rescue. I have learned and implemented so many tips from Taylor and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her encouragement and knowledge to help me create and grow my blog. Keep flying bossgirlcreative. You are the best.”

Melanie // Melanie Amorim – Freelance Graphic Designer

“The podcasts are just awesome! I enjoy every one of them differently. Yourself and your guest speakers are all so amazing and driven. As a business woman, your podcast reminds me that things don’t happen overnight and share many “secret” resources/tools needed to succeed. As a blogger, you inspire me to keep blogging and finding my voice / message online. “

Carly HeadshotCarly // Lipgloss and Crayons

“Blogger burnout? It’s a thing.  And it’s all too common.  Feeling like you’re doing it ALL, and not getting the payoff.  Taylor seriously changed my WORLD.  Her experience, perspective, and global plan for my brand have allowed me to grow.  I have more traffic, a clear vision for my blog, better partnerships, and the best part? I’m more balanced.  I’ve never felt better about my brand, and it’s all thanks to Taylor’s mentoring.  I’ll be working with her forever at this rate, and I can’t wait to see where we take my brand next!”

Mariah // Elevate Mobile Fitness

“When you’re new in your business, it’s important to have someone on the outside who takes your business as seriously as you do. Taylor is that girl. First and foremost, I love the accountability and structure that she provides to my business goals on an ongoing basis. Secondly, she has a wealth of information to ensure that your business rests on a good foundation–technologically, legally, and organizationally. Finally, you can really tell she’s here to serve her community and goes the extra mile to get answers and support for anyone she works with.”

Jaelan  // Making Mrs. M

“Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of becoming a Boss Girl Crew Member. Taylor’s advice has helped me narrow down my focus and work efficiently to achieve my entrepreneurial goals. I find her energy refreshing and her willingness to help others encouraging.”

Kirsten HeadshotKirsten // Create If Writing

“We have collaborated together on podcasts and I have learned so much every time we interact! You have great knowledge that you present in a shoot-straight-from-the-hip manner. I know I can trust you both in terms of your information and your integrity. You have keen insight into blogging and business.”